The best Persian online radios - رادیو دربست

How Online Radio Works

online radios use streaming media to provide a continuous, uninterrupted or replayable audio service to listeners. How online radio works with podcasting services is quite different, because these services allow users to download audio files instead of streaming them

Many online radio stations now work with traditional radio stations to broadcast joint programs. Radio services that are only available online usually operate independently of radio stations

Internet radio services for PC are usually available from all over the world; For example, a person living in Europe can listen to Australian radio news on their computer. But some major Internet radio networks, such as CBS Radio and Citadel Broadcasting, do not allow people living abroad to access their local program for reasons such as copyright in music and advertising

In the following, I will introduce a number of Persian language online radio services

Radio Tehran

Radio Tehran is more focused on informing and covers topics such as book introductions and topics such as psychology in its list of programs
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Live broadcast of Radio Tehran

Radio Javan

Radio Javan also focuses more on improving the lives of young people and broadcasts audio content
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Radio Javan live broadcast

Radio Saba

Saba Radio also focuses more on making the audience happy, and most of its programs are humorous and attractive
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Radio Saba live broadcast

Radio Ava

Radio Ava deals with music and focuses more on playing music with traditional and pop words, etc
Website link:
Live broadcast of Radio Ava: Live broadcast link

Radio Namayesh

Radio Namayesh is the fifth radio in the list of Persian language online radios. As the name implies Works on radio Namayesh and audio novels and talks with artists
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Live radio Namayesh

Radio Farda

Radio Farda is a Persian-language radio channel operating in the capital of the Czech Republic, Yen Prague
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Live radio broadcast Farda

Radio Salamat

As the name implies, this radio, Health and Psychology is the specialty of this radio station
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Radio Salamat live broadcast

Radio Darbast

Radio Darbast is an internet radio related to Saeed Khorsandi, Learn more about Saeed Khorsandi
Website link:
Live broadcast link: Radio Darbast live broadcast

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